Nepal Management Council


About Us

Nepal Management Council (NMC) is not for profit membership organization which has been formed by a group of management experts in order to serving the nation with management profession in Nepal. NMC as the Forum of Management Professionals is the Center of Management Expertise (CME) in Nepal. NMC is well admired as the National Management Forum (NMF) for combining the international expertise with local knowledge to responds our working realities in the organizations.
We are different than other organization as we are continuously challenging ourselves to provide you with the best service possible. We frequently reflect on the quality of our work, and explore new tools and techniques to meet changing world.

Our Services

We believe in building on existing knowledge and experiences to create long lasting effects with high performance in the organizations. NMC offers diverse management services to help you and your organization deal with anything. The tools and approaches we utilize in our services are directly implementable. This way we empower individuals, organizations and networks to increase their positive social impact in the country. There are following building blocks of services:

  • Management Advice
  • Advocacy and Policy Influencing
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Evaluation Services
  • Enterprising Partners
  • Training
    • Open Entry Training
    • Custom Designed Training
    • Co-created Training

Contact Us

Nepal Management Council (NMC)
P. O. Box 6021, Anamnagar Kathmandu
Phone: 977- 014770030,
Cell: 9851043074