NMC Introduction

Introduction to NMC

Management Organization provides an excellent networking opportunity and empower the people to achieve measurable improvements in performance of the organizations.

Nepal Management Council (NMC) is the members based organization (MBO) formed by a group of management experts in order to serving the nation through empowering people for high performance and sustainable growth. NMC as the Forum of Management Professionals is well admired as the National Management Forum (NMF) for combining the international expertise with local knowledge to responds our working realities in the organizations.

Why People Choose Us?

We need good working relationships with others in our professional circle in Nepal and international arena. Hence, we have also maintained strong professional relationship with individuals and like minded institutions around the world to share latest knowledge and expertise in the area of management. Indeed, NMC is the center of management excellent in Nepal to enhance management profession by combining international standards with local knowledge to respond our working realities in the approved manner.

We are different than other organization as we are continuously challenging ourselves to provide you with the best service possible. We frequently reflect on the quality of our work, and explore new tools and techniques to meet requirement of changing business world.

We have pool of experts with international exposure and/or well experienced in Nepalese business environment and experts from international arena. They are proficient to helping people and organizations become their most effective selves to increase their positive social impact!

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